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TRIO Student 支持服务

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Since 2015 TRIO Student 支持服务 at 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College has provided academic 和 other support services to over 400 students. We helps students persist, graduate, 和 transfer to a four-year institution.  WVC的 三人SSS团队 provides individualized support to 140 participants every academic year.

We cover topics such as: financial literacy, tutoring, academic advising, transfer assistance, career planning, 和 更多的. Our participants are first-generation (parents do not have a bachelor's degree), meet federal income requirements, 和/OR have a documented disability. Nearly half of WVC students are eligible to participate in 三个瑞士. All students who are interested in a bachelor's degree are encouraged to apply. Our staff make efforts to help students identify other resources if they are not eligible for 三个瑞士.

  • 三个瑞士 is Accepting Applications

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What Does Participation in 三个瑞士 Look Like?

As you can see on our 服务页面, we offer a lot of services to help our students succeed. We deliver these services in a number of ways 和 expect our students to actively participate in order to stay 在我们的节目中. Learn 更多的 about our expectations by viewing our participant agreement here.

  • 三个瑞士 Scholars are expected to meet with our Retention Specialist two (2) or 更多的 times per quarter for 1:1 appointments. In these appointments, students work to make plans for their time at WVC 和 beyond.
  • We also offer a large number of workshops 每季度 specifically for 三个瑞士 participants. 学生 在我们的节目中 are expected to attend at least two (2) 三个瑞士 workshops/events/meetings 每季度. Our workshops, meetings, 和 events focus on topics such as: financial aid assistance, academic planning, transfer preparedness, career skills, study skills, 还有有趣的活动.
  • All 三个瑞士 students are invited to participate in our annual 夏季桥牌项目. New students, who join after Summer Bridge, are expected to participate the following 夏天. 
  • We also provide a number of other free (optional) services to our students such as individualized weekly tutoring, a student lounge space, 和 office activities. 

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For 更多的 information about 三个瑞士 at WVC contact:
Mish ee twie (MET) 1221

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Student 支持服务, a TRIO program, is 100% funded by the U.S. 部门 教育.